Dusty Domains

Y’all did it! You shipped new sites to Netlify, dusted off those domains, and raised $100k for charity. 🏆


Dusty Domains 2021 has ended, but definitely check out the showcase! Or learn how to get started with Netlify.

Here’s what went down 👇

We know you’ve got domains sitting around collecting dust (we definitely do), so let’s finally use ‘em and do some good at the same time.

  1. Build a website! Anything your little heart dreams will do. Big, small, useful, or completely silly projects are all encouraged.
  2. Deploy your project on Netlify and configure your domain. You can also choose to stick with your generated netlify.app URL.
  3. Submit your site by December 31st. We’ll review it and add it to the showcase.
  4. (Non)profit! With Netlify’s $50 matched 9x, your site sends $500 to great charities.
illustration of a sign that reads: 0 years since domain went unused

You brought the code, we’re sending cash

Netlify & friends are each sending $10,000 to charity!


Progress: You did it!



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Look, we’re all winners here. This creative bunch is ready to cheer you on and celebrate your creations.

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